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How to Use the Row Expander Visualization Plugin with Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD)
Posted on May 17, 2017
Author : Margaret Motsi Motsi, Performance Architects

One of the ways to enhance data visualization is by enabling a fully interactive drill up and down experience in the data hierarchy. Oracle’s Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) uses the
“Row Expander” custom visualization plugin, available at the Oracle Public Store, to offer the capability to dynamically drill up and down attributes that may not necessarily belong to a hierarchical column.  This means that a user can switch back and forth between summary and detail data to form intermediate subtotals and quickly analyze data.  This blog post provides instructions on how to get started with this plugin.

From the Oracle BI Public Store, find the “Row Expander Viz” plugin box and click to download.

This action will create the following notification:

Click the “Download” link and copy content into the “plugins” folder; if your installation doesn’t offer  “plugins” folder, simply create one. Additional plugins should also go into this folder.

Restart DVD. Once restarted, you can view the plugin in the visualization options.

Select desired columns and then right-click on “Pick Visualization.”

Select the “Row Expander” plugin

The attributes display as rows in the canvas along with the selected metrics. The default view shows the summary data.

You can click on each attribute to drill up/down to the next level.

You can also add or remove attributes as you go. The number of attributes is equal to the number of levels you can drill up and down.

You can also create a filter on an attribute by right-clicking the attribute and selecting “Create Filter.”

The plugin will filter accordingly.

You can drill up and down on the filtered data.

When it comes to measures, this first version of the plugin has a couple of limitations.  First, the plugin is only capable of performing the “Sum Aggregation” function on metric values. It will be able to perform other calculations in future releases of DVD.  Second, the input dataset is limited to 500 rows for the plugin to perform accurately.

Need help or advice on data visualization plugins?  Contact Performance Architects at sales@performancearchitects.com and we’d be happy to help.



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